Callmy Service Owner FAQs

The following FAQ’s relate to how a subscriber to Callmy will manage their service. We have endeavoured to provide more background on Callmy’s capabilities, how it is delivered and managed, but if you have any questions that aren’t covered here, please call us on 020 3189 1250.

Is there any limit on the amount of people who can follow my Callmy Service?
No – millions of people can choose to follow your Callmy service
How much does the App cost?
The App is free for your followers to download
Does the App work with any smartphone?
Currently iOS, Android and Windows devices are supported
How do people follow my Callmy services?
Each Callmy service is supplied with a unique ID which people choose to follow via their free Callmy app.
How can I make Callmy secure?
You can chose to apply an appropriate level of security for the audience you are notifying. Callmy services can either be open to the public, secured with a password/pin, accessed via Active Directory authentication or integrated with your MDM/EMM service, which is secured with an encrypted certificate. Access to the service is via SSL and message delivery is also secured with SSL. Please contact us to discuss your security requirements.
Do I still receive notifications of new messages when I’m overseas?
How long are Callmy Messages stored for?
Is the service available in countries other than the UK?
Yes, we can provide Callmy globally – please contact us for further details.
Are there any online statistics to show how my Callmy service is performing?
A management portal is available, which provides complete information and control of your service.
Can you notify people who are just in a defined geography?
Yes – Callmy provides a geo fencing capability. This enables you to not only notify users in a specific location, it also will highlight if you have users within the location.
What sort of telephone number is provided for me to access my Callmy service?
Standard geographic numbers i.e. Birmingham 0121 XXX XXXX. We like to provide you with an out of area number – this helps to support your Emergency Planning but please contact us if you would like something different?
How much does it cost to call the Callmy number?
Your standard call charges apply.
Is there any limit to the length of the messages that I can record?
No, but please be aware within your tariff, you can only post up to 30 minutes of voice messages per month. 5 pence per minute will be charged if you exceed this allowance.
Is the Callmy service resilient?
Callmy is delivered from highly resilient EU based ISO 270001 certified datacenters. The service also meets the criteria of the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management System (ISMS) requirements Standard. Callmy is accredited by CESG.

What is the service availability?
Currently 99.99%
I am not receiving any message notifications
Make sure notifications are enabled in the Settings menu on your device


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