Callmy – Civil Contingency support for Government

Trying to anticipate the next continuity event is a thought provoking issue for all Civil Contingency practitioners and as a Category one or two responder, a mandated requirement.

Communication is the central component to ensure all stakeholders are “on message” which is vital to ensure a measured and well-coordinated response – both within your organisation and for the wider community.

However, in our attention deficit society, which is highly mobile and exposed to multiple channels of communication, there is a huge risk when selecting the most effective communication medium. This is obviously made a greater challenge, when events on the ground are effecting the options at our disposal.

How it works

1. Post

1. Post

Post text and voice messages via the Callmy portal, or send voice messages by just making a phone call.

2. Share

2. Share

The instant you post a message your followers are notified, via the free Callmy app, which also delivers your message.

3. Monitor

3. Monitor

Use your Callmy Portal to monitor in real-time how your messages are being consumed and to make service updates as required.

Callmy provides a simple solution to a significant problem

You may need to Warn & Inform the public to comply with the Civil Contingency Act or COMAH regulations, brief the media on a current event, or simply update your members of staff about an IT issue. In either case Callmy enables you to easily share information and ensure you get the outcome you require.

And to achieve this you didn’t have to worry about expensive equipment, database management, data protection issues or SMS charges.


A vital message in a crowded in-box

It’s fair to say we are all leading extremely busy lives and this is reflected in the number of messages we receive by a variety of different media. In terms of continuity planning this can be a significant problem. Alerting via Email, SMS or Social Media can mean a message is delivered into an already crowded in-box. Important messages may be missed, sometimes leading to dire consequences.

A dedicated in-box for the “Golden Hour”

The Callmy App is a dedicated inbox and is reserved for important messages.  Users only follow a few organisations which are significant to them – who in turn only send messages when it’s urgent. Emergency coordinators are assured more information will be received and acted on during the “Golden Hour”. The Callmy app has also been design to ensure situational awareness is maintained and only the relevant “Commander” remains the gatekeeper for information.


Callmy – an ideal option

Being able to send free text and voice messages, with none of the cost or complexity of similar solutions, is only part of the story. It is also vital you are provided with details on how your Callmy service is performing and how messages are being consumed.

The Callmy Management Portal enables administrators to view real-time information  which can aid resource allocation and business operations.

Callmy – a new service to compliment and support your Business Continuity Plan.

Please contact us – we’d love to describe how the emergency services and public sector make use of Callmy.


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