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Whether you’re managing an under 11’s football team or organising a festival, being able to share information in a simple and effective manner is a real asset.

As an organiser you will have deadlines to achieve, selections to make and the need to muster support for a variety of initiatives – of course this can all change with a moments notice.

The people attending the match, or event, will also expect to know what’s going on, who’s on the team, where they need to go and what’s happening next.

The last thing you need to worry about is overburdening yourself with technology, or manual processes, which may lead to you facing the accusation, “no one told us what was happening”.

Callmy can provide a solution.

How it works

1. Post

1. Post

Post text and voice messages via the Callmy portal, or send voice messages by just making a phone call.

2. Share

2. Share

The instant you post a message your followers are notified, via the free Callmy app, which also delivers your message.

3. Monitor

3. Monitor

Use your Callmy Portal to monitor in real-time how your messages are being consumed and to make service updates as required.


Being simple to deploy and easy to use is also only part of the story. As your followers access your messages via the dedicated Callmy app, you can expect a greater response. You are also assured your message won’t be lost amongst the millions of SMS’s, Tweets and emails – Callmy stands apart.

You can think of your Callmy service as a text and voice message notice board with messages that can be posted and shared globally!

The Callmy Management Portal also enables you to view real-time information on how messages are being consumed and responded to.



Cost effective

Callmy is a simple to use affordable service and the app is free to download. There are no other overheads to consider, such a connection fees or SMS charges.

Your Callmy service will save time and much of the expense normally associated with distributing information, whilst making your communication as effective as possible.

At Callmy we are passionate about sport and the benefits it brings – we therefore offer a subsidise price to help support your endeavours.

Please contact us for more details – we’d like to know how we can help to achieve your goals and make your events a success!


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