Callmy partners with leading technology and service providers to deliver the best solutions for our customers

Founded in 1950, Todd Research has a proud history of designing, manufacturing and supplying X-ray scanners, metal detectors and blast suppression equipment across a diverse range of public and private market channels.

The technology is integrated with the Callmy Alert service to provide an enhanced alerting capabilitiy for first responders and a means to escalate emergency communications.

Since 2007, MobileIron has been the leader in mobile enterprise security. With a mobile-centric zero trust approach that goes beyond traditional MDM, identity, and gateway solutions by validating the user, device, applications, networks, and potential threats before granting secure access to the device.

MobileIron can be used to deploy, secure and manage the Callmy Alert app, enabling the service to be centrally managed as part of an IT eco system.

Callmy partners with Microsoft Azure to build, test and host it’s core application.

The Microsoft Azure hosting infrastructure is ISO 27001 certified and is approved by NCSC to hold and transact UK Government information to the OFFICIAL level of security classification.

A2 Global Risk is Callmy’s Travel Risk Management partner.

A2 Global Risk was formed to provide security risk management consultancy services to individuals, businesses, government agencies and NGOs operating in volatile environments throughout the world.

A2 Global Risk has many years of experience and broad portfolio of service, which when combined with Callmy Alert’s technology, deliver a powerful and cost effective travel security solution.