Communicate Cyber threats and IT issues to remote workers

Cyber attacks are potentially ruinous events for business owners. The average cost of cyber security breaches in the UK is £2,670 across all businesses, however, this figure becomes greater as the size of a business increases. The cost of a cyber attack is not only financial, it is often the loss of reputation which is harder to recover from. 

So how do you warn your staff of cyber attacks when 94% of malware is delivered by email and phishing attacks account for 80% of all reported security incidents?

During a cyber attack internal IT systems can become infected and there use can hinder response and in some cases, worsen the situation.

To compound this problem, as the number of staff working remotely has increased the number of scams and vulnerabilities.


Callmy Alert has the answer

To improve your IT security posture a great place to start is to implement the Callmy Alert service. Callmy Alert is a dedicated channel for critical communication and being a cloud based service provides an “air gap” between end users and your network deployed solutions..

Callmy Alert provides a cyber proof alternative to email and in a critical situation can pop messages on users desktops, tablets and smartphones, via a dedicated app.

Message groups can be created for the user communities throughout your organisation and administrative access set to restrict/allow the required level of management access.

IT Alerting

Within the IT department Callmy Alert can be employed to notify the team of potential threats, planned maintenance and upgrades. The Callmy Alert API and Email Connect service, when integrated with other systems, can automatically notify response staff when events are detected. This improves response time and helps to overcome potential threats.

Management and control

Communication effectiveness can be monitored in real-time via the secure web based Callmy Alert Management Portal and when required messages can be escalated to other stakeholders to help manage the response.

As users cannot forward messages they less likely to inadvertently propagate a malicious attack – if a response to a message is required this is contained with the Callmy Alert service.

Once a situation has been resolved, messages can be deleted to remove them from end user devices, whilst maintaining an archive for audit purposes.

In the office, on the move and whilst working from home, Callmy Alert will help to deliver your response and recovery from the every present cyber threat – please contact us to receive more information or to discuss your requirements.

Apple iOS

Requires: iOS version 8.0 or later
Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


Requires: Android Version 4.3 or later


Works with: Windows 10 desktops

What Our Clients Say


Simon Archibald

Company Manager / Saracens Security Ltd

We have been using Callmy Alert SOS for over a year and find it a user friendly service – our Staff feel secure and safe in the knowledge that they will always get a response whilst working alone

Adrian Dennehy

Security Manager / Cardiff Metropolitan University

In an emergency Callmy Alert helps deliver the communications required for the security and safety of the University

Jason Wakefield

Sales Director / Todd Research Ltd

We integrated Callmy Alert with our X-ray scanning equipment and now key responders are automatically notified when malicious items are detected

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