How can I use the Callmy service?

There are are numerous ways in which you can use the Callmy service within your organisation. If you need to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

Emergency Alerts

Use Callmy to proactively notify your staff, customers or the public of important issues that effect their lives. Lockdown situations, site evacuations or cyber threats. Vital information delivered in seconds, with global reach and geo targeted when the situation requires. Alerts can be manually sent or automatically delivered when integrated with the IT “ecosystem”. Makes sure the right people, get the right information at the right time.

Managing the media

Avoid the media ever quoting “an unofficial source” and social media users taking control of your communication! Messages can be controlled centrally and recipients cannot edit or forward messages – helping to maintain situational awareness throughout any emergency. Callmy now introduces new levels of communication and control.

Cyber Security

91% of cyber attacks are launched through email. If your network becomes infected relying on email or your Unified Communications will only add to your problems. Use Callmy as a secure cloud based communication solution to overcome the cyber threat.

Business Continuity

Communication is central to supporting business continuity response – especially during the “Golden Hour”. Use Callmy to alert the public, your organisation and other agencies, without any cost or complexity.


A swing to the right and swing to the left. You need to mobilise the troops and make sure they know the party line. Use Callmy to share information in an instant and canvass opinions as they happen– get the result you need!

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