Mass Notification – key features


  • No limit on message length or quantityavoids being restricted to 160 characters and the risk of using chat acronyms and abbreviations.
  • Message templates can be configured to overcome anticipated events refines the communication process and provides multilingual support.
  • Request an appropriate response for each message – either send as a statement of fact, ask for an acknowledgement of receipt, or request for the end user’s details and/or a comment.
  • Post messages immediately or schedule a time to send.
  • Fastsend >2000 messages per second.
  • HTML message formatting – enables linking to PDF’s, email, web addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Conference call access – use the service of your choice.
  • Free message delivery –
 avoid expensive SMS charges.
  • Cloud based – delivered from the Microsoft Azure cloud which requires no equipment 
or complex integration.
  • Free appthe Callmy app is free to download and 
is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices.
  • App installation options to suit every type of user and organisationthe Callmy Alert app is either delivered as an anonymous opt-in service, with secure authenticated access or as part of a mobile security framework.
  • Provisioning optionsthe service has a unique invitation service to prompt user registration, or the ability to work in conjunction with MDM and EMM capabilities.
  • Real-time management reportsenables administrator to view how the service is performing, how many users the service is achieving, how messages are being consumed, message acknowledgements, responses, etc.
  • Filter message response – see who has/has not responded 
  • Unique “send again” featureenables notifications to be sent to users who have not opened/acknowledged/responded to a message.
  • Integration readyCallmy Alert can be integrated with a variety of other services (such as alarm systems and IT services) to provide added value and security.
  • SecureCallmy Alert is an encrypted service and is delivered from ISO 270001 certified Microsoft Data Centre’s located in the European Union. The service is NCSC accredited to hold or transact public sector data for business conducted at the OFFICIAL level of Security Classification.

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