The Callmy Alert SOS app

Evolving threats now need evolving communications and a personal SOS capability is a vital component to support your emergency communications and staff safety.

  • The Callmy Alert SOS service provides a cost-effective, app based alternative to more traditional solutions. It will help demonstrate your investment in security and will aid compliance with health and safety legislation for lone workers.
  • Callmy Alert is a simple to use and discreet service and is being certified to the required BS8484 standard for Lone Working practices.
  • Callmy Alert can be managed by your own security control team or delivered as a fully managed service.
  • Callmy Alert has global reach and is complemented by the Callmy Alert mass notification capability. This provides a useful asset to warn and inform members of staff about situations that may affect their welfare and wellbeing.

How is Callmy Alert SOS activated?

The user opens their Callmy Alert app and holds the “SOS” activation option for 3 seconds. This send a notification to the Callmy Alert Management Portal and also to response team via their Callmy Alert app – this can be installed on smartphones, tablets and Windows 10 desktops. 

If the user is in a location where there is no mobile data or wifi available, the app will continue to try and establish a connection until successful – the app displays when the alert is active.

Alternatively, if the situation is not critical, Callmy Alert provides a “Call Security” button in the app, which places a call directly to a security team.


Tracking and location details

The Callmy SOS service includes a range of location features to help support mobilisation and response.

The responding team can see the precise GPS location of the SOS activation, via the web based Callmy Management Portal.

They can activate tracking and the Management Portal displays live details illustrating if the end user is static or on the move. There is also a “breadcrumb trail” displayed on a map to illustrate the direction of travel.

Live audio

The responding team can also access the microphone on the end users device and activate live audio streaming. Responders can hear what is happening at the scene of the incident, providing vital information to help mobilise the most appropriate response. The audio can also exported, to enable it to be shared with other agencies and teams. All audio recordings are encrypted and stored on the Callmy Alert service, for audit and evidential purposes.

Battery information

When the location service is activated and the user is being tracked, battery consumption will increase as the highest level of location accuracy is being accessed. Within the Callmy Management Portal, details of the end users’ available battery is displayed. This can help prioritise the response to the situation.


All activation data, which includes location details, audio recordings and any notes added by the responding team, are securely stored on the Callmy Alert service and can be used for auditing and evidential purposes.

Managed Service option

Not all organisations have a dedicated control room or security staff available on a 24×7 basis. This is why Callmy SOS Alert is also offered with a managed service option, whereby SOS activations are triaged by a dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) that operates on a 24×7 basis.

The Callmy Alert ARC is certified by NSI to the required BS8484 standard and the security-cleared staff are authorised to mobilise the emergency services on behalf of third parties, if required.

The ARC is hosted in a highly secure location, served by a resilient and business continuity ready infrastructure.

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