Deliver Lone Working Security and comply with HSE legislation

There are an estimated 8 million lone workers in the UK and this figure continues to grow. A British Crime Survey recently identified that approximately 150 lone workers are attacked every day – this figure includes both physical and verbal attacks.

Employers have legal and moral obligation to ensure their staff are monitored and have a means to raise an alarm whilst they are working alone and this now also applies to home workers too.

The market therefore requires a simple to use and cost effective lone working solution and organisations in the NHS, Education, Local Government, Logistics, Security and many more, have chosen Callmy Alert as their ideal solution.

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Benefits of using Callmy Alert

  1. Cost effective to deliver – turns any smartphone into a lone working device.
  2. Simple to use – easy to use technology which can be embraced by any user.
  3. Delivery options – either manage from within your own control room or enjoy the benefits of a BS8484 certified 24×7 managed service.
  4. Global reach – suitable for use in any location to help support international lone working and travel security.
  5. Mass Notification included – warn and inform your lone workers of emergency situations with direct message delivery into their Callmy Alert app.
  6. Simple management – easy management of end users and app delivery options. Also includes Active Directory integration.

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A cost effective Lone Working solution for any size of organisation

By installing the Callmy Alert app any smartphone can become a lone working device – this helps to reduce the costs and management overheads normally associated with hardware based solutions.

Callmy Alert can be either managed within your organisation, if resources permit, or our BS8484 certified Alarm Receiving Centre can monitor users and triage emergency response when required.

Click here to read more about our BS8484:2016 certification and why it’s an important consideration for your organisation.

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Simple to use

Easy activation

The SOS alert can be activated by users with a press of a button, by shaking the phone or automatically after a pre-set timer has elapsed. The app is optimised to work in areas with poor connectivity and enables response staff to view a last know location.

When the Callmy Alert SOS is activated the response team receives a “pop up” on their desktop which arrives with an audible alert – they are also alerted via their mobile phone which is useful for organisations without a dedicated control room.

Ready to assist

When the SOS alert is active the responding team 

  • See who the user is with their contact information.
  • View the end users location and track their movements in real-time
  • Access the microphone on the end user’s device
to stream audio from the scene.
  • Read notes which the user has added via their app.

This delivers vital information to help mobilise the most appropriate response.

Stored securely

The audio recordings are stored securely and can be shared with other agencies or used for evidential purposes.

Alternatively, if the situation is not critical, the Callmy Alert app provides a “Call Security” button, which places a call directly to a registered telephone number – this can also include a hunt group facility and call recording if required.

Live monitoring

The Callmy Alert Management Portal displays which users have an activate SOS timer (amber status) enabling managers to see which users are lone working or in a situation where they could be vulnerable. Live activations are also displayed and the portal provides simple management of users and access to archived activation data.


Mass Notification for added safety

Users may need to be made aware of situations that threaten their personal safety.

The Callmy Alert app can also receive messages that can be sent from the Management Portal, via email or simply by making a phone call.
All message activity and response data can be view in real-time to make sure the communication is having the desired effect. In addition, the service can override end users phones which are on silent and repeat notifications until the end users have responded in the desired manner – Callmy Mass Notification achieves an average 80% response rate in under a minute.

Managed service option

Not all organisations have a dedicated control room or security staff available on a 24×7 basis. This is why Callmy SOS Alert can be offered with a managed service option. SOS activations are triaged by a dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) that operates on a 24×7 basis.

The Callmy Alert ARC is certified by NSI to the required BS8484 standard and the security-cleared staff are authorised to mobilise the emergency services on behalf of third parties, if required.


What Our Clients Say


We integrated Callmy Alert with our X-ray scanning equipment and now key responders are automatically notified when malicious items are detected

Jason Wakefield



In an emergency Callmy Alert helps deliver the communications required for the security and safety of the University

Adrian Dennehy


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  • Your information is incredibly important to us, we do not share details and guarantee your privacy. Please feel free to browse our Privacy Policy
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