Mobilise key responders and locate staff globally


The effective mobilisation of key responders goes hand-in-hand with any emergency situation. Experience has taught that during a crisis you will need to carefully manage staff levels, find volunteers and mobilise teams to assist with the incident – this may also need to span multiple agencies.

This can only be achieved if information can be resiliently delivered and is correct, concise and trusted – speed is also of the essence.

The need for a dedicated service

In an emergency conventional communications channels, such as email and SMS, may be too slow and congested to be effective. Services designed for social interaction, such as Whatsapp and Messenger, do not offer the control, auditing and security that critical incidents require – they can also be polluted with misinformation that can undermine a coordinated response.


Added complications and overheads

Added complications can be created when response staff have to leave their mobile phones on, day and night, just in case of an emergency message is received. It is also not practical, or now necessary, to supply a dedicated radio or pager just for mobilisation purposes – this introduces costly management overheads that can now be avoided.

Callmy Alert provides a simple solution

Emergency coordinators can use their Callmy Alert service to send mobilisation messages that overcome many resilience and operational issues.

Emergency coordinators can send mobilisation messages using the secure web based Callmy Alert Management Portal.

All messages are delivered to the end user’s Callmy Alert app (at a rate of 2,000 per second) which can be installed on smartphones, tablets and desktops – ideally suiting modern work-styles and mobility.

As the Callmy Alert app is reserved for critical communication a fast response is assured. On average messages achieve a 91% response rate in under a minute.

Real-time message activity and statistics can be viewed by using the Callmy Alert Management Portal – this provides a useful insight to see how users are responding. This data can also be exported to Excel for post event analysis.


Make sure the message gets through

Messages can be sent that override the end users device being set to silent – making it ideal for out-of- hours response.

Notifications can also repeat until the end user has opened, acknowledged or responded to the message in the required manner.

Post event, messages can be deleted via the management Portal, which removes them form the end user’s Callmy Alert app. A report is archived on the service, for audit purposes, which illustrates all message data and responses.

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