Retail sales are showing signs of recovery, but the challenging landscape mean that retailers, more than ever, have to think of new and innovative ways to engage with their customers.

With multiple communication channels now available, as well as a plethora of new technology on the horizon, there is more choice than ever for solutions that build loyalty and compliment the marketing strategy.

However, in the era of the empowered consumer, influencing consumer choice without being intrusive or patronising is an issue for retailers both large and small. Adopting inappropriate technology, or not carefully considering the practicalities of implementation, could be counterproductive as well as costly.

How it works

1. Post

1. Post

Post text and voice messages via the Callmy portal, or send voice messages by just making a phone call.

2. Share

2. Share

The instant you post a message your followers are notified, via the free Callmy app, which also delivers your message.

3. Monitor

3. Monitor

Use your Callmy Portal to monitor in real-time how your messages are being consumed and to make service updates as required.

Callmy offers a simple solution

Callmy has been designed to open a new communication channel with customers and is as relevant to the small independent, as it is to the national chain.

Callmy enables you to post text and voice messages which your customers consume via the free Callmy app.

The Callmy app stands apart from their busy email, SMS and social media inboxes and your customer opt in to follow you.


Consider Voice?

Your voice or a professional voice, voice helps to build more meaningful connections and helps to rediscover a humanness that the Facebook generation has lost. Retailers have spent a fortune building their on-line identity but are losing their real identity – Callmy helps to rediscover this. It enables more personal transactions and creates an opportunity for a more intimate relationship.

Callmy also enables you to post text messages, which aren’t constrained to the normal 160 characters and have the added benefit of being free to deliver.

Consider the location*

You can choose to notify your Callmy followers globally or specify a location. This could be your followers who are on the high street, within 100 metres of your store, or are currently in-store at the point of sale. Callmy provides the ability to deliver information when and where it is needed and will help to influence buying behaviour.


Management Information

The Callmy Management Portal offers useful details on how your service is performing. This may influence how you promote Callmy, execute future marketing campaigns, how you promote specific lines, or identify departments which need more resources allocating.

You can see how many customers are following you, how many have accessed your messages and when information was posted. You can also upload professional recordings, as well as text messages which aren’t limited to a number of characters. Heat maps can also be produced, to illustrate use of Callmy within specific geographies.

Cost effective and simple to deploy

Being cloud based, there is no equipment to deploy or complex integration challenges to overcome. Information can be posted to Callmy by simply making a phone call from any phone. The Callmy app is downloadable from the relevant App Store and is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices.
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* available 2015



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