Finance Markets


Finance Markets

Operational resilience has taken hold in the business continuity industry. And for UK organizations operating in the banking and financial sectors, it’s becoming a compliance mandate, with new operational resilience requirements commencing in March 2022.

The new legislation requires firms to deliver warnings and advice to relevant stakeholders during disruptive events. Callmy Alert has been designed to provide a resilient and secure communication service for such scenarios.

An alternative solution

Callmy Alert is a dedicated communication channel reserved for your most important business continuity and emergency messages. 

You can post clear and unambiguous information, which is delivered to a dedicated end user app – this can be installed on end user’s smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Critical messages can be sent that override end user devices being set to silent and notifications can repeat until the end user has responded in the required manner – this dramatically improves response times.

All communication is encrypted at rest and in transit and the service is hosted in ISO27001 certified data centres situated in the UK.


More control

Callmy Alert removes the challenge of messages being forward without your authority and provides real-time information on how your messages are being consumed. You can also delete messages from end user devices, to maintain security, ask users to acknowledge a message has been received and understood, or request some response details.

All this information is captured in the Callmy Alert Management Portal for future audit purposes and post event analysis.

Management Information

The Callmy Alert Management Portal offers useful details on how your service is performing. it also allows login permissions to be allocated to help devolve access to departments and teams throughout an organisation. 

Other useful capabilities include integration with Active Directory, secure document storage (that provides easy access to relevant emergency plans and procedures) and integration with third party products and services to automate the delivery of critical communication.


Cost effective and simple to deploy

As Callmy Alert is delivered from the ISO 27001 certified Microsoft Azure cloud, there is no equipment to deploy or complex integration challenges to overcome.

Being an “air gapped” service also lends itself to helping communication during cyber related incidents – please click here to read more about this important subject.

Apple iOS

Requires: iOS version 8.0 or later
Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


Requires: Android Version 4.3 or later


Works with: Windows 10 desktops

What Our Clients Say


Simon Archibald

Company Manager / Saracens Security Ltd

We have been using Callmy Alert SOS for over a year and find it a user friendly service – our Staff feel secure and safe in the knowledge that they will always get a response whilst working alone

Adrian Dennehy

Security Manager / Cardiff Metropolitan University

In an emergency Callmy Alert helps deliver the communications required for the security and safety of the University

Jason Wakefield

Sales Director / Todd Research Ltd

We integrated Callmy Alert with our X-ray scanning equipment and now key responders are automatically notified when malicious items are detected

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