Warn and Inform Staff of Critical Situations

Emergencies come in many forms and could relate to physical attacks, operational issues or IT related incidents – they rarely happen in isolation and always seem to occur at the worst possible time!

Effective communication is vital to support your response and recovery but simply sounding a fire alarm or sending an email will almost certainly not deliver a successful outcome.

Whatever the emergency, Callmy Alert provides a resilient way to lockdown and evacuate sites, mobilise key responders and escalate communications to relevant stakeholders. Staff working remotely can also be warned of cyber attacks and potential scams, even when conventional channels of communication are compromised.

The delivery of critical messages, via the Callmy Alert app, alerts your users that something exceptional is happening. This ensures a fast response and improves the likelihood of a successful outcome. Click here to read more about the key features of the service.


Making sure the message gets through

Callmy Alert includes features designed for use in challenging situations and will give your critical communication the best chance of getting through– to ensure the safety of end users and to maintain your operational resilience.

Callmy Alert messages can:

  • Be geo-targeted to only notify users in specific locations.
  • Override users devices that are set to silent or DND – vital during out of hours situations.
  • Repeat message notifications until the user has responded in the manner you have requested.

Messages content and pre configured templates can conform to your corporate brand guidelines, which makes then more trusted and less likely to be treated as spam or a hoax.


Messages can contain pictures, audio files and links to other services; such as MS Teams and Slack – ideal for quickly assembling an emergency group or conference call. Click here to read more about the key features of the service.

Integration ready

For added value and operational benefits, Callmy Alert can integrate with a range of other technology, such as fire alarms, CAFM software, postal X-ray equipment and CCTV.

When a situation is detected, integration with Callmy Alert automatically delivers the right information, to the right people at the right time. This speeds up the response process and increases the chance of a successful outcome.

A simple service to manage

Unlike other service Callmy Alert can be configured and deployed within minutes via the simple to use Callmy Alert Management Portal.

The Portal enables service configuration and provides access to real-time management reports, end-user management features and secure document storage – enabling your key emergency policies, plans and procedures to always be available at the point of need.

There is no limit on the number of message groups that can be created and messages are free to deliver.

Organisations can allocate Administrative permission based access, that enables management of Callmy Alert to be devolved throughout the hierarchy and used as an effective means of communication at a departmental or team level.


Easy to deploy

There are a range of options to deploy the Callmy Alert app onto end user devices, with the ability to revoke access and remove sensitive data when required.

End user data can be added to the service either manually, using a CSV upload or via a direct feed from Active Directory. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

If you are concerned about delivering duty of care to your staff, responding to a range of threats or complying with BS22301 Business Continuity Management, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What Our Clients Say


Simon Archibald

Company Manager / Saracens Security Ltd

We have been using Callmy Alert SOS for over a year and find it a user friendly service – our Staff feel secure and safe in the knowledge that they will always get a response whilst working alone

Adrian Dennehy

Security Manager / Cardiff Metropolitan University

In an emergency Callmy Alert helps deliver the communications required for the security and safety of the University

Jason Wakefield

Sales Director / Todd Research Ltd

We integrated Callmy Alert with our X-ray scanning equipment and now key responders are automatically notified when malicious items are detected