Callmy Management Portal

The Callmy Management Portal enables administrators to manage mass communication, access location services, respond to SOS situations and upload documents for secure storage.

Send, schedule, acknowledge and reply

Send messages globally to users of the Callmy Alert app.

Via the Portal, text, audio files and picture messages can be sent with immediate effect, or scheduled to send at a later date and time.

Messages templates can also be created to simplify the distribution of information.

For each message, you can request users acknowledge receipt, or respond with some relevant details – including their GPS location.

The configuration of the message can be previewed before sending.

All messages are delivered to the end users  Callmy app.

 Locate your users globally

Use the Callmy Portal to either locate specific user groups in a defined area, or view all users globally. If the users contact details are registered these are also displayed. Users are allocated a colour coded pin to illustrate their role.

Message alerts can be sent to the specified areas and users can be alerted as they access an area. The service also enables movements to be tracked in near realtime.

This is a vital solution to support business travel policies, evacuation procedures and a variety of other purposes – globally.

Please contact us to discuss you requirements

Manage user details and security

Callmy can be used as a simple opt-in service for the public, external organisations or communities – they simply download the Callmy app and choose to follow one of your public facing message groups. This delivers ease of use and the anonymity drives adoption.

However, for use within an organisation it is vital only those with the authority have access to your message groups. Callmy can be deployed as an integrated component within an Enterprise Mobility Management environment – with the Callmy app being deployed, secured and centrally managed by an EMM service.

Alternatively, end user details can be configured and uploaded via a simple CSV import – end users authenticate themselves and access the required group(s) which are preconfigured for them. The service administrator can re-set passwords and also block individual members from groups. The Portal also displays who has accessed the group, if location details are being shared, the OS and the Callmy Alert app software version being used.

Manage administration and allocate permissions

Callmy enables administration levels to be configured and allocated throughout your organisation. At a basic level this means a group administrator can be restricted to just sending messages and managing response from a specific group – this is ideal for team leaders and department heads. At a higher level full management of the service can be controlled; allowing message group creation, adding/blocking/deleting of users, resetting passwords, managing message templates, etc.

Please contact us to discuss administration and management of the Callmy Alert service.

Upload Documents for secure storage and easy access

When you are using Callmy to communicate during an emergency, it is logical to also have easy access to relevant documentation that will aid your response and recovery. Business continuity plans, cyber security policies and evacuation procedures will all potentially come into play. However, if access to documents isn’t practical, executing an effective response may be compromised.

Also consider if the corporate network isn’t available or is under attack – will the required information be available?

Callmy enables relevant documents to be uploaded and accessed from within the service. Documents are encrypted, stored in IS027001 data centres and are only available to administrators via their secure login.

Please contact us to discuss your secure document storage requirements.