COVID Communication

The “new normal’ has created some significant operational challenges – emergency plans and procedures are being updated, home working policies hastily written and risk assessments carried out but, more than ever, it’s time to consider how to maintain the resiliency of your organisation through the communication that it relies on.
Without wishing to sound too melodramatic, this could be fundamental for the security and success of your organisation. 

It’s safe to say the pandemic will continue to evolve and as governments and the new Apple/Google COVID “partnership” make decisions on how best to harness technology, for all our good, we are pleased to be able to offer some practical and easy to deploy solutions.

Remote Workers – the need to stay safe greater than ever!

There is now well documented evidence that during a lockdown staff working remotely have become a target for cyber attacks and scams. The pandemic has created a perfect storm of vulnerabilities and fraudsters are perpetrating their attacks, in the main, using email.
If your organisation were targeted during a lockdown how would warn your staff to be vigilant? 
Using email may help to propagate the attack and there could be trust issues with using other mediums. Social Media should also probably be avoided if you want to contain the communication. 
Callmy Alert provides a simple solution. 
IT departments can securely deploy the Callmy Alert app onto company desktops and smartphones. The app becomes the trusted “inbox” for critical communications – this helps improve response times and benefits security. 
Administrators can view real-time information on message performance (and response) and access archived data for audit purposes. 
As the Callmy Alert service is also hosted from UK data centres, being remote to an organisation’s infrastructure has obvious resilience benefits. End to end encryption and a range of features designed specifically for use in challenging situations, will ensure your organisation can always communicate and recover, irrespective of where your end users have chosen to work.

Callmy Alert AppBack to work messages…….

As organisations get back to work, it’s vital they take every precaution to avoid COVID outbreaks and the impact these could create for revenue and reputation.
It will be incumbent on all employers to provide their staff with concise instructions on how to stay COVID safe and from a duty of care perspective, this may also include employees journey to work.

On arrival and throughout the working day, staff will need to be aware of new procedures  and how to manage risk, it is, therefore, vital that concise instructions are given.

Callmy Alert enables an organisation to craft communications that can be scheduled for automatic delivery at appropriate times throughout the day. 
As messages are delivered to the dedicated Callmy Alert app, the response rate will be better than using email or SMS messages. Organisations can also request that users acknowledge receipt to accept their understanding of the message.

These responses can be audited, via the Callmy Alert Management Portal, to identify who is adhering to the policy and who is a potential risk to health and safety and business operations.

Contact Tracing

By default Callmy Alert users have the option to share location with their organisation via their app. This creates a useful asset for contact tracing and also for delivering duty of care.

For end users who are working remotely or travelling internationally, organisations can use their Callmy Alert Management Portal to view where users are located and then reference where COVID outbreaks are occurring.

The Callmy Alert service can send geo-targeted messages to users in affected areas that provide clarity on the situation and advice on the most appropriate action to take. Response to these messages can also be monitored and audited.

In addition, if a user is feeling unwell they can raise an alarm using their Callmy Alert SOS service. This connects the user to a qualified individual who can offer advice and mobilise medical assistance, if required. 

An archive is also available of users who have activated their SOS, which contains a history of their locations. This track and trace function will help with the decisions that may have to be made for partial or total site lockdown or for identifying areas to be deep cleaned.

NB for accurate indoor positioning we would recommend users connect their devices using Wi-Fi. Alternatively if your organisation has invested in Bluetooth Low Energy beacons (BLE), please speak to us about integration this technology with the Callmy Alert app.