FAQ's For Callmy Alert Users

The following FAQ’s relate to how a Callmy Alert user will manage their service. 

If you have any questions that aren’t covered, please contact: support@callmy.com.

The Callmy Alert app is free to download.

An average size for an app is 34.3MB and the Callmy Alert app is only 13.6MB

Currently iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices are supported.

Yes. Unless you choose to disable notifications via the phones Settings

Yes. If you enable Critical Alerts, in the Setting menu, you can receive message notifications when your phone is on silent or Do Not Disturb.

On your phone, enabling location sharing will allow you to receive messages that are specific to your location, and will enable the control room to see if you are in a location where you may be in danger. 

You can control the privacy of your Callmy Alert service in the Settings menu in the app. If you choose to share your location this is done with a low degree of accuracy to provide an approximate location for you – this is done to preserve your battery power. You can also choose not to share your location and this does not prevent you from using the SOS service. If you are not sharing your location and you activate your SOS alert, it is only then that your location is accessed – this is also with a high degree of accuracy, which helps to ensure your safety.

No. If you choose to share your location the Callmy Alert app your battery power will be preserved, as the service is optimised to only provide an approximate location for general use. It is only when the SOS alert is activated that location becomes highly accurate and power is consumed at a higher rate.

If you have been given the optional Callmy Alert SOS service, the Control Room can access the microphone on your phone, when you activate the SOS alert. This enables them to listen to what is happening at your location, providing vital information on your situation, so the best response that ensures your safety can be delivered.

Open the app and hold the Active SOS button for three seconds – you will see the screen turns red. This means your alert has been sent and your location is being shared and your audio has become accessible.

If you add a note when your set your SOS timer this will be visible to the Control Room. This provides some additional details of your circumstances. Examples may be, “I am walking alone to the car park” “I am working on the roof“, “I am in office 4  on the 5th floor”

When there is one minute left on your SOS timer, your phone will prompt you to either cancel or  extend the timer.

Yes. If your organisation has granted permission. Open your desktop app and you will see a Welcome Message. Open the Welcome Message and scan the QR code with your phone. This will open the required app store – install the app and register with your email address.


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