• Mass Notification, response and location service – support for emergency communication, with global reach and auditing.

    Always get the response you require.

    Mass Notification, response and location service – support for emergency communication, with global reach and auditing.
  • Integration ready – automatically deliver the right information, to the right people at the right time.

    The notification hub for your connected products and services.

    Integration ready – automatically deliver the right information, to the right people at the right time.
  • Callmy Alert SOS – a personal security and Lone Working solution in a simple to use app.

    Cost effective and easy to deploy.

    Callmy Alert SOS – a personal security and Lone Working solution in a simple to use app.
  • Monitor realtime message activity and response

    With Callmy this is now a reality

    Monitor realtime message activity and response

Why Callmy?

The current security situation and cyber threat means there is a compelling need for an innovative solution to support your business continuity, emergency response and Health and Safety requirements.

Callmy is designed to help communication in a crisis.

It provides a secure, app based mass notification, response and location service, with a personal SOS capability.

Callmy is ideal for any size of organisation, with the ability to integrate with your mobile security and network connected services.

Mass notification and response

 Callmy administrators

  • Access the Callmy Portal to either send a text, audio or picture message*.

  • Select how recipients should respond and if required, select specific locations to alert – click send.

  • Use the Callmy Portal to monitor realtime information on message response and to locate users globally.

  • Delete out of date or incorrect messages, to remove them from end users Callmy app.

*Alternatively if you don’t have access to the internet, dial your Callmy number, enter a pin and record a voice message – easy!

 Callmy end users

  • Receive message notifications via their Callmy app.

  • The user clicks on the message to either read, view or listen to the message.

  • If required the user can acknowledge receipt of the message, respond with their details, provide a comment and share their location – this information is encrypted and securely displayed in the Callmy Portal.

Location Services

Callmy is a location aware service and this provides a useful asset to monitor the whereabouts of your users.

With one click you can locate specific groups in defined areas, or view all users globally. Colour coded pins show the proximity of groups with each other and also to incidents. If the users contact details are registered with Callmy, these can also be displayed on the map – just click on a pin.

Message alerts can be sent to specified areas and users can be alerted as they access an area.

This is a useful feature to support mobilisation/evacuation/lockdown procedures and a variety of other scenarios.

NB. Users can choose to share their location as required. Location sharing can be controlled via an EMM service.

Personal SOS

As a development Callmy will also provide a personal SOS feature – to locate, track and listen.

Should your users find themselves in difficult situations they can activate their Callmy Alert SOS. This activation instantly notifies a response team who can locate the user via their precise GPS coordinates and view contact details. Additionally the response team can access the microphone on the end users device, whilst the SOS is activated,  to listen to ambient noise at the scene – this helps to mobilise the most appropriate response. The end user can also be tracked to help direct security staff or the emergency services accordingly.

If the SOS situation affects a wider community, the Callmy mass notification capability provides a great asset to broadcast information to relevant groups and teams.

All SOS activation and audio data is recorded and stored for auditing and evidential purposes.

Callmy Alert SOS has global reach and can either be managed from within your own organisation or supplied as a fully managed, BS8484 certified, service. Please contact us for more details.

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Integration ready for the IoT

In the era of the Internet of Things, it is important to consider the additional value that connected services and devices can now deliver.

Callmy is integration ready and will seamlessly interface with other IP connected capabilities on your network and beyond.

Alarms, CAFM systems, anti virus software, news feeds – integration with Callmy will automatically deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time. This also introduces a significant security asset and benefits day-to-day business operations.

Please contact us to discuss your IoT strategy and the Callmy API.




Either use Callmy as a simple “opt-in” service for the public and communities, or upload contact data and enable end-user authentication. Alternatively deploy Callmy through MDM and EMM capabilities.

callmy secure Secure

Callmy is a fully encrypted service and is accredited by NCSC to transact UK public sector data at the OFFICIAL level of Security Classification. Callmy is delivered from ISO 270001 data centres based in the UK & EU. Access to the Callmy app can be secured with various levels of authentication, as required.

Integration ready

Callmy provides integration “out of the box” this can be used to compliment alarm systems and a variety of IP connected services – ensure the right people, get the right information, at the right time, automatically.

Reduces overheads

Cloud based and simple to deploy. No on-site equipment or message delivery overheads. Send unlimited messages for free!

Improves Management

Centrally manage real-time data on message performance and response. Securely access a complete message inventory for auditing purposes.

Location aware

Locate your users globally. Message specific locations or notify users as they enter an area. Ideal for evacuation procedure and travel management policies.


There are numerous ways in which you can use the Callmy service, below are just a handful to get you thinking…

Emergency alerts

Emergency alerts

For when you need a fast response...

Managing the media

Managing the media

For when it needs to be official...

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Overcome the cyber threat...

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

If you don’t want complexity in a crisis...



Ensuring everyone sings from the same hymn sheet...

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