Mass Notification – key features

Mass notification

  • Fast – send up to 2,000 messages per second.
  • Free – no expensive SMS charges.
  • Send options – configure and send messages from either a web based portal, authorised email or dial in telephone access.
  • API ready – integrate Callmy Alert with other IP connected products and services. Automatically deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.
  • Message formats – send text, audio and picture messages.
  • Link to other content and services – from within your message content, click to connect to websites, email addresses, phone numbers, documents and videos.
  • No limit on the amount of data you can share.
  • Message templates – configure message templates to overcome known events.
  • Preview before sending – see how messages will appear on devices before they are sent.
  • Unique Alert – messages delivered with an audible and visible notification, unique to the Callmy Alert app.
  • Configure response type – which is appropriate to the situation and available resources.
  • Schedule – send messages immediately or schedule a time to automatically send.
  • Configure location – send messages to users who are in specific geo locations around the globe.
  • Send Critical Alerts – override end users devices which are on silent or DND. Always ensure the message gets through!

Location Services *

  • Global location – locate and track your users globally via their Callmy Alert app.
  • Location snap shot – request a “snap shot” of a users location as part of their message response.
  • Geo target – send messages to users in geo-targeted locations.
  • Battery optimisation – service optimised for power consumption and accuracy.
  • Heat maps – colour coded pins illustrate the identification, distribution and density of users globally.
  • Search for users globally – one click to find any user anywhere in the world.

*user configurable

Mass notification

Web Based Management and Reports

    • Real-time statics – view a live dashboard on all message response and activity.
    • Filter result – see who has/has not opened, acknowledge or responded to your messages.
    • Send again – in the event of a low response to your message, use the send again feature to alert your users of the need to respond.
    • Delete messages – from within the Management Portal delete messages to remove them from your end users Callmy Alert app. Always stay in control of the communication.

  • Archive and audit – retain a log of all message activity and responses.

Administration Controls

  • Administration Permissions – allocate appropriate levels of administrative control and access, throughout your organisation.
  • User provisioning – upload user details or integrate with Active Directory – automatically allocate message group membership and access profiles.
  • SMS Invitation – send new users an invitation to the install the Callmy Alert app, via the bulk SMS feature – the invitation also contains a dynamic link to the appropriate app store for their device.
  • User management – the ability to view user details, which includes contact infromation, the groups they belong to, Callmy Alert OS version, the device type and details of how they are sharing their location with the service.
  • User editing – edit user details either individually, in bulk or automatically when integrated with Active Directory.

Support for personal safety

Integrates with the optional Callmy Alert Personal SOS service for added value.

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