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Add the ID’s for your message groups and be notified when urgent information is delivered.

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Click here for Instructions to set up you Callmy Alert app.

Please also be aware that Callmy Alert is an ethical app. We will NEVER access your contacts, share your data, entice you to make in-app purchases and you will NEVER receive spam via Callmy Alert. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

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Requires iOS version 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone,
iPad, and iPod touch

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Requires Android Version 4.3 or later

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Works with Windows 10 desktops

Please click here to access more information on the Callmy Alert service.

Callmy Alert also has an SOS capability – the ideal solution for personal safety and travel security. Please click here for details.

You can also “read all about it” in Callmy News.