BS8484 Certification Award

ssaib-logoCallmy are pleased to announce they have been rewarded the BS8484 standard, after independent auditing by SSAIB. This award updates Callmy to the latest standard for lone working apps and devices; BS8484:2022.

Why is BS8484 Important

The UK government takes the safety of lone workers very seriously and requires employers to provide their lone workers with ‘adequate and reliable means of communication and a way to “call for help” (in the words of the Health and Safety Executive).

These provisions, as well as a growth in people working as lone workers, has led to an increase in lone worker protection solutions appearing on the market. BS 8484 matters because it sets a high standard of quality for lone worker solution providers to meet, and also gives customers better transparency about what they’re buying

What is the difference between BS8484:2016 and BS8484:2022?

In 2022, the The British Standards Institution updated BS8484 to reflect changing technologies and norms, and to improve safety. The sum-up of changes brought in BS 8484:2022 are:

  • An acknowledgement that those working in pairs or small groups may be seen as “at risk” and so may benefit from the use of a lone worker system.

  • An acknowledgement that those working from home (home workers) should be seen as “lone workers” and could benefit from using a lone working system

  • New wording that accepts that calls with lone workers may be made via data, rather than the “traditional” call network.

  • A new ruling that states, to be BS 8484 compliant, staff involved in delivering lone working services (typically ARC workers) are to be screened in accordance with BS 7858 (which is the UK standard for vetting of people employed in the security sector)

  • The removal of most of the recommendations in Clause 7 (the section on Alarm Receiving Centres), as this is covered in other places (such as BS 5979).

Supplier capability and stabilityAlert-Lone-Working-Device-with-card

Callmy has been independently audited, by SSAIB, to ensure their apps and devices meet all the requirements of the standard. This is not a simple process but we believe it is vital to gives customers reassurance of the quality of our delivery.

Section four of BS8484 requires that providers have the capability to run a safe and dependable end-to-end service. Suppliers must prove:

  • They are financially secure and properly insured

  • They have a robust data and security system

  • They have control and accountability at every level of their organization

  • They have a comprehensive complaints system

  • They provide clarity and transparency over their end-to-end service

For customers who need a fully managed service, the standard also covers the requirements of the Alarm Receiving Centre and other aspects of delivery, such as training.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of the standard, or your lone working requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.